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This ICF Research page is generated to promote existing research in organized camping and to further new research efforts internationally. Camper populations and camp settings are utilized in research projects quite regularly.

2017 American Camp Association Research Forum Book of Abstracts

ACA logoTo view and download the 2017 ACA Research Forum Book of Abstracts, please follow this link.


Final “White Paper on Camping 2016” from the online survey on camping

The National Camping Association of Japan had launched an online survey on camping, to mark their 50th anniversary in 2016.

‘The Whitepaper on Camping 2016” is a celebratory published project, that collected basic camping information from all over the world through an online survey. The results of this survey, as well as statistical analysis, appear in the “The Whitepaper on Camping 2016”.

National Camping Association of Japan


6th AOCC Asia Oceania Camping Congress 2016


Click here to view the proceedings from the 6th AOCC Asia Oceania Camping Congress 2016 research session in Tokyo.

Practical Use of Camp Research

In consumer oriented societies research assures product quality within the market. Parents look for products and services for their families that have been backed up by research. Governments, corporate sponsors, insurance underwriters and funding agencies all utilize research data for their decision making.

Findings provide camp professionals with the best and most current information on camp related issues and practices.  Research results document that the camp experience can be a setting for positive youth development. Data provides verification that specific camp goals are being met.

Findings indicate camp experience enhances learning skills development and total educational development through camp experience.

Research findings demonstrate that the camp staff experience contributes to total workforce development in emerging adults.

Global Citizenship Research

All member camps of ICF were invited to participate in the Global Citizenship Study for phase one in 2012. Phase two is continuing into 2013. The unique social and curricular setting of ICF camps is well suited to the development of global citizens as the lessons learned through camp experiences have the capacity to transcend cultural and national boundaries

We know today’s youth live in a complex and rapidly changing global landscape.  Although social and electronic media has fostered connectivity, ideological and cultural tensions still threaten the efforts of peace and social harmony. Many nations actively promote citizenship education to develop an inclusive, tolerant and participatory worldview. Encouraging youth to become active and contributing members of society is critical to the promotion of citizenship in a global sense.

For more information about this important study or if you would like to participate in the next phase, contact: Stephen Fine or Deb Bialeschki