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American Camp Association National Conference

Orlando, Florida, USA

International participants are welcomed with special hospitality. 

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ICF Pre-ACA Conference Camp Tour 

This tour of Florida camps and local attractions is open to everyone and offers a chance to network informally with Conference participants from around the world. 

Click here for additional information. For information, contact Linda Pulliam at or 1-919-603-0317.



Post OCA Conference Canada Tour

OCA is sponsoring a tour following the conference, January 31 - February 2 at a cost of $125.



OCA Conference

Ontario Camping Association, Sheraton Parkway Hotel, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

OCA is offering a special discounted registration fee of $250 for international delegates.



ICDC Sydney Australia

Prior to the 5th Asia Oceania Camping Congress, there will be an International Camp Directors Course and an ICDC Trainers’ Course. The courses are open to participants from any country and will be coordinated by Connie Coutellier. For full information:

The course is an ICF course provided in partnership with the AOCC and Australian Camping Association.


5th Asia Oceania Camping Congress - Sydney, Australia 
“Outdoors and more…”

The Australian Camps Association together with the Outdoor Recreation Industry Council welcomes the international camping and outdoor education community to Sydney for the 5th Asia Oceania Camping Congress October 18-22, 2013.

Learn more about the congress at
Expression of Interest for presenters is NOW OPEN. Enquiries to


ICDC Mexico at Campamento Esperanza

An ICDC was held in Mexico with 26 participants from Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia completing the course. The 26 participants agreed that the course was outstanding and it met or exceeded their expectations. In regards to the course content the overall rating was 4.5/5 and logistics was rated with a 4.4/5.

The training team was Simon Sambrano and Juan Mario Gutierrez, Lead Trainers and Tomas Lopez Victoria and Giuliana Paulova del Castillo D, Presenters. The course was graciously hosted by Mexican Camping Association (MCA).


ICDC Malaysia

An ICDC was held in Malaysia with 14 participants from Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Philippines completing the course.

The training team included Hank K. Yap from Malaysia, Andrew McGuckian from Australia, and Tennant Kiu from Singapore. The inaugural ICDC in Malaysia was only made possible through the enormous contribution of Hank and his camp Outbac Broga.

There are plans to consider an ICDC in Malaysia in 2013. Fantastic relationships were established and another ongoing camping network across countries.

September 2012

International Camp Directors Course (ICDC) in Australia

An ICDC was held in Australia with 28 participants (26 from across Australia and 2 from New Zealand) completing the course.

The training team included 5 trainers, Paul Colagiuri, John Woods, Maree Feutrill, Matt Bowker, and Rebecca Fox. Australia has a very solid team of trainers and has offered a number of courses.


The 1st Japan Outdoor Education Society International Research Forum (IRF) at
15th Japan Outdoor Education Society (JOSE) National Conference took place in Okinawa, Japan -

JOSE-IRF intends to provide an opportunity for outdoor practitioners and scholars to share the Eastern and Western outdoor research, as well as those among Asian countries. The Forum was held in conjunction with the 15th JOES National Conference in Okinawa with a variety of research presentations and practical workshops. The abstract papers and presentations in the Forum were all in English, though the national conference was held in Japanese. Presenters had 12 minutes to present their research and three minutes for questions and aswers.




Research Briefing on effectiveness of bushcraft training for wilderness survival at The Hollows Camp, Canada.

The person standing is Mors Kochanski, author of the book "Bushcraft: Outdoor skills and wilderness survival."