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2017International Camp Director Course (ICDC)
Participant Registration Form
Course Date: October 5 to 9, 2017


The Course is preceding the Russia 2017 ICC International Camping Congress in

Sochi, Russia - October 9 to13, 2017


ICDC location:Children`s Centre “Orlyonok”


Address: s. Novomikhajlovsky, Tuapse region, Krasnodar territory, 352842 (п.Новомихайловский, Туапсинский район, Краснодарский край, 352842) The nearest airport is Krasnodar International Airport (Pashkovsky), you can fly there directly from Austria, Greece, Turkey or via Moscow (there are about 5-8 flights from Moscow to Krasnodar every day). See transportation below.


If you participate in 2017 International Camping Congress you can fly back home from Sochi International Airport.


Cost: $725 USD for ICDC Course, accommodation and meals. Arrival by 2 PM on October 5th. Accommodations available the night of the 4thfor an extra cost. The course will be taught in English and translated into Russian.


Transportation to Orlyonok

Complementary transportation to Orlyonok for participants on October 5, 2020 at 10.00 AM from Krasnodar airport to Orlyonok: If you want to join this group complete the following and we will let you know where to meet at the airport.

  • I would like to be included in this group transportation from Krasnodar Airport ______ I will be there by 10 AM.
  • I plan to provide my own transportation and will be at Orlyonok for the beginning of the course by 2 PM.
  • I am interested in coming in on October 4th and will be willing to pay the extra cost of $35 US dollars and provide my own transportation to Orlyonok.

On October 9, 2020 there will be a group transfer for all (trainers and participants) who participate in the Congress in Sochi: October 9 from Orlyonok to Tuapse railway station, from there you are to take a train from Tuapse to Sochi (you are to pay for your train tickets). You will receive more information at the training.


Contact person in “Orlyonok”: Oksana Petrovskaya, Head of International Department,
E-mail: icdc@icc2017.ru 
Tel.mob.: +7 918 1209498

Please complete all areas of this form and proceed to payment

I wish to register as a participant in the International Camp Director Course

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