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Dear ICF Member

The Board has determined the necessity to call a Special Meeting of ICF in order to address some issues of governance in the form of an amendment to the organization’s By-Laws. The date for this meeting is:

February 21, 2021

at 2:45 - Coronado Hotel G room - Disneyworld Resort  - Orlando Florida USA

Because ICF is incorporated in the province of Ontario, Canada, it is now required to comply with new laws in relation to not-for-profit groups such as ours. A revised set of By-Laws have been drafted in consultation with legal advice and reflect the requirements of the act that is coming into effect in this country.
The Board has reviewed the letter and intent of the changes and has supported these changes unanimously at its October 2016 meeting. It is now the responsibility of the members to consider the question at the Special Meeting.
Essentially, the new By-Laws place the legal responsibility for the actions of ICF into the hands of those members who are elected by the membership (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President). It is important to record here that the Board is confident that while the changes place legal responsibility into fewer hands, the current process of consultation with the entire governance group of members (elected and appointed) and other advisory groups will always be ICF’s approach to leadership.


Please participate in the Special Meeting:


Now or soon:

Please review the material available in the ICF Governance Forum on ICF Connect under the category: By-Law Special Meeting and in the Resources Area as well

Please consider the FAQ Sheet (Frequently Asked Questions) included here

Please ask any additional questions on ICF Connect and consider the responses.

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By January 31, 2018:

Expect additional contact and request to act in one of the following ways:

  1. Prepare to attend the Special Meeting and cast your vote
  2. Assign your Proxy (direction to vote on your behalf) to someone else who will attend the Special Meeting and vote for you
  3. Assign your Proxy (direction to vote on your behalf) to the President of ICF who will vote on your behalf

On February 21, 2021

We will conduct the special meeting. Listen for the results.


 Resolutions to Amend the By-Laws of the International Camping Fellowship

February 2018

"WHEREAS the business and affairs of the International Camping Fellowship (the "Corporation") is governed in part by By-Laws, which were last amended October 2005 and November 2011 (the "By-Laws").

AND WHEREAS it is desirable to further amend the By-Laws.

AND WHEREAS the Corporation has adopted a constitution dated February 20, 2021 (the "Constitution") and it is in the best interest of the Corporation to revoke and cancel the Constitution because all concepts dealt with therein are dealt within the letters patent of the Corporation and the amended By-Laws.


  1. The By-Laws are hereby amended and restated in their entirety in the form of By-Law NO. I appended to this resolution as Schedule 1'A".
  2. The Constitution is hereby revoked and terminated.
  3. The President of the Corporation is hereby authorized and directed to certify a true copy of the By-Laws as approved by the board of directors, and to cause the same to be delivered to each member, and to call a meeting of the members of the Corporation to consider this resolution and the amended By-laws.
  4. Any one director or officer of the Corporation is authorized and directed to take all steps necessary or desirable to give effect to these resolutions."


Motion of ICF Board (October, 2016)

Move to approve the revised By-Laws as presented.  

Moved by Andrew McGuckian/Seconded by Don Cheley.                  Carried.



Proposed Revised By-Laws [download]

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Proposed Revised By-Laws

ICF Act of Incorporation Answer Document [download]

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ICF Act of Incorporation Answer Document