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ICF Partners:  These Association Partners have agreed to provide special support to the International Camping Fellowship by approval of the ICF Board of Directors.

American Camp Association: 
Contact:  Peg Smith, CEO,

On February 26, 2013, an Education Alliance Agreement was signed between the American Camp Association and the International Camping Fellowship.

The American Camp Association is a community of camp professionals who, for more than 100 years, have joined together to share our knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. Just as our membership is diverse and our programs distinct, so are the children who come to us to participate in the camp experience.

Through what we teach, the opportunities we offer, and the example we set, children become part of a sharing community.

American Camp Association Offers Free 1-year Memberships to ICF Members!

The new Educational Alliance between the International Camping Fellowship and the American Camp Association (ACA) provides a free 1-year membership to individuals who have not previously been members.  Use this promotional code:  ICF-2013  The ACA-ICF Alliance enables international camps to be listed in the ACA search engine, Find-a-Camp, when the camp becomes an ACA member. Although ACA cannot provide camp Accreditation outside the US, a new Camp membership is also available.

ACA values our international camp community and your role as a youth development professional.  As an ACA member, you will receive enhanced professional development resources, including:

Access to ACA’s Professional Development Center

ACA’s virtual learning community includes diverse tools, services, resources and courses to help propel your work and your career along the path that you choose.

Free e-institute course

Register now using the coupon and receive free access to the online course “Creating a Sense of Community: Critical Things Staff Need to Know”.

Free Counselor Now electronic newsletter.

Receive tips all summer long including what to do and what not to do to be successful with camps, songs to sing while you're waiting, how to engage campers, and how to stay healthy.

Camping Magazine and “The CampLine”
ACA’s premier publications of the industry offer expert perspectives. View digitally.

Association electronic newsletters, including ACA Now 

Discounts on books and educational events and access to current research.

ACA’s Bookstore is a one-stop shop for counselor resources: activities, leading groups, your responsibilities to camper safety, dealing with difficult campers, youth development, and more.

For full information about benefits of membership in the American Camp Association, click here.
Through a special agreement between the Australian Camps Association and International Camping Fellowship, full ICF membership has been provided for all ACA-accredited camps.

Australian Camps Association:  
Contact:  David Petherick, CEO,