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25 years

Children's center "Crimson sails" celebrates 25 years! - 25 years under the sails of Green!

The children's camp is located on the bank of the Pyshma river in Siberia. It occupies an area about 15 hectares of land where previously there were two pioneer camps – one was named after Pavlik Morozov and another after Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya. In 1993, the camp received a new name "Crimson sails" and a new life. Since that time, the children's center find maritime romance - many shifts and events were devoted to the theme of the sea and sails.  In 1997, on the territory of the center was built the ship "Assol". It became a symbol of the sea and a favorite place for children.
In recent years, the camp has changed a lot: all buildings have been completely renovated, new comfortable buildings have been built instead of wooden ones. Now there are shower and toilet in each room, so it makes children’s rest very comfortable. The territory of these two camps is connected by rainbow bridge, which offers a wonderful view of the river Pyshma. There are two swimming pools, sauna, concert hall, fitness room, huge wardrobe, two dining rooms, 7 residential buildings… And this is a small part of the center’s infrastructure. But the most valuable thing in the camp "Crimson sails" is the atmosphere of maritime romance, friendship and mutual support, that teachers of the center give to children for many years.
Children's center "Crimson sails" is always characterized by strong pedagogical programs and projects. Many events have already become traditional on shifts, such as the Sea regatta "Andrew's flag", Auto-rally, Traditional meetings with songs and guitars, which are spent at the campfire in the summer. Also Children's center "Crimson sails" organizes and International festival of children's bard song "Tail wind".
Since 2003, Myasnikov Alexander became the Director of the center, and under his leadership camp has changed so radically. For his work he was awarded by the diploma of the Deputy Minister of education of the Russian Federation in 2004, in 2017. He was awarded by a Grateful letter of the Tyumen region Government for high and professional skills. Since 2007, Alexander is "Honorary worker of the sphere of youth politics of the Russian Federation."
Annually more than 10.000 children come to the center to have a rest on shifts and arrivals of the day off. Shifts here are held all year round.

In 2018, it is planned to hold a large number of anniversary events. We also celebrate the 90th anniversary of the opening of the first children's camp in the Tyumen region. On the 23d of July in 1928 on the territory of the Children's center "Crimson sails" the first pioneer camp have been opened and on this day in the center will be performed an event - Reconstruction of historical events "Pioneer line". And on the 23d of August, exactly in a month, anniversary events will concern new history - the 25th anniversary of "Crimson sails". Guests will be invited, celebrations will be held at several venues in the center and in the city of Tyumen.

The staff of the children's camp "Crimson sails" plans to maintain the level of quality of provided services; they plan not to stop surprising children and make their holiday more interesting and useful.

Address: Russia, Tyumen region, Tyumen district, Chervishevsky highway, 24 km, Phone: +73452218048. Site:
Group on social networks: Deputy Director for educational work Grigorieva Elena, tel. 89220444275.


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International Camping Fellowship Outreach to Japan
Campers Helping Campers

After the March 11, 2012, earthquake and Tsunami in the Tohouku Region of Japan, the International Camping Fellowship spearheaded an effort to raise funds to support grief recovery camps for children in the affected area. A total of $38,092 US was presented to Hirohide Nagayoshi and Tatsuya Kanayama at the 9th International Camping Congress.

On March 11, 2012, (the first anniversary of the tsunami), Malcolm Turner, director of Killdevil Camp in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, announced an additional $2000 gift to NCAJ. This is the culmination of a year of fund-raising activities by the staff and campers of Killdevil Camp.


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