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The ICF Letter Award of Merit recognizes a significant contribution made by an individual, camp or organization to the cause of world understanding and peace through camping.

1. Any member, affiliate or friend of the International Camping fellowship is eligible.

2. To be eligible one must be nominated by a current ICF member and the nomination form must be sent through the ICF Ambassador to the ICF Secretary.  Nominations made by the members of the ICF Board may be sent directly to the Secretary.

3. The award recognizes a significant contribution made by an individual, camp or organization, above their normal role or volunteer contribution, which benefits the cause of camping internationally.  For example, this contribution may take the form of the organization of, or playing a significant role in the organizing of a major world camping activity or event.

4. Awards are made by the ICF Board upon the recommendation of the Nominations Sub-Committee, and announced immediately after being made.  Presentation are made that the subsequent ICF Annual Meeting or other appropriate international event.  The ICF cannot be responsible for the travel expenses of the recipients.

5. The award takes the form of an ICF letter or certificate identifying the recipient and year of presentation.

ICF Letter of Merit Receipients

2014 Dr. Gwynn Powell
Chelsea Schwabe
Armand Ball
Dick Chamberlain
Linda Pulliam