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The ICF Board of Directors has a strong emphasis on a competency-based approach to getting things accomplished for entire camping community. The ICF Board (2017-2020) is the following:

Board - Elected
President John Jorgenson jjorgenson@campingfellowship.org Canada
Vice President Fahrettin Gozet fgozet@campingfellowship.org
Secretary Marco Reyes mreyes@campingfellowship.org China
Treasurer Jill Dundas jdundas@campingfellowship.org Canada
Past President (to 2017) Valery Kostin vkostin@campingfellowship.org Russia/US
President Elect (from 2019)  to be determined...    
Board - Appointed
Membership Services Alexia Sideri asideri@campingfellowship.org Greece
Communication Panwasa Kate Smith ksmith@campingfellowship.org  Thailand
Business Development Gonzalo Veloz gveloz@campingfellowship.org Venezuela
Program Development Jeff Bradshaw jbradshaw@campingfellowship.org Canada
ICDC Liaison Andrew McGuckian amcguckian@campingfellowship.org Australia
Congress Oversight Fahrettin Gozet fgozet@campingfellowship.org
Ambassador Liaison Pablo Casas Alatriste pcasas@campingfellowship.org Mexico
Board - Elected and Appointed  
Member at large Linda Pulliam lpulliam@campingfellowship.org USA
Member at large Masako Harigaya mharigaya@campingfellowship.org Japan
Member at large Alexey Andreev aandreev@campingfellowship.org Russia
Member at large Ana Margret Tomasdottir atomasdottir@campingfellowship.org Iceland

Members Emeritus
1. Armand Ball USA
2. Dick Chamberlain USA
3. Jack Pearse Canada
4. Sashiko Tanaka Japan
5. Jenny Bowker Australia