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2016 International Camp Director Course (ICDC)


Course Date: October 24-28, 2016


Location: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (Shibuya, Tokyo)
Country: Japan
Cost:  $750 USD for ICDC Course, accommodation and meals. Arrival by 2 PM on October 24th. Accommodations available the night of the 23rd for extra cost.


The Course is preceding the Asia Oceania Camping Congress (AOCC) and will be taught in English however, one of the faculty members is fluent in Mandarin.


International Camp Directors Course

The International Camp Directors Course (ICDC) has been developed as a professional development course for camp managers, directors and operators. It is equally valuable for any experienced camp staff professional.

This intensive four day course addresses all aspects of Camp Management in an interactive exchange environment with other members of the camping and outdoor community and builds on skills and learning of both faculty and participants.


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ICDC Trainers Course

The ICDC Trainer Course is designed to develop strong camping in countries and regions of the world by training experienced camp professionals in both the core curriculum of the ICDC as well as leadership/management skills necessary to provide an ICDC course.

For this reason participation is not automatic, rather it is dependent upon selection and invitation based upon a combination of factors including this application form. ICDC Trainees arrive ahead of the regular ICDC to work with the faculty before the ICDC course participants arrive. The trainees are then expected to participate in the course as a participant as well as demonstrate their expertise and training skills at various times.


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