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GOVERNANCE 2017 - 2020

The ICF Board of Directors has a strong emphasis on a competency-based approach to getting things accomplished for entire camping community. The ICF Board (2017-2020) is the following:                                                

Board - Elected
President John Jorgenson jjorgenson@campingfellowship.org Canada
Vice President Fahrettin Gozet fgozet@campingfellowship.org
Secretary Marco Reyes mreyes@campingfellowship.org China
Treasurer Jill Dundas jdundas@campingfellowship.org Canada
Past President (to 2017) Valery Kostin vkostin@campingfellowship.org Russia/US
President Elect (from 2019)  to be determined...    
Board - Appointed
Membership Services Alexia Sideri asideri@campingfellowship.org Greece
Communication Panwasa Kate Smith ksmith@campingfellowship.org  Thailand
Business Development Gonzalo Veloz gveloz@campingfellowship.org Venezuela
Program Development Jeff Bradshaw jbradshaw@campingfellowship.org Canada
ICDC Liaison Andrew McGuckian amcguckian@campingfellowship.org Australia
Congress Oversight Fahrettin Gozet fgozet@campingfellowship.org
Ambassador Liaison Pablo Casas Alatriste pcasas@campingfellowship.org Mexico
Board - Elected and Appointed  
Member at large Linda Pulliam lpulliam@campingfellowship.org USA
Member at large Masako Harigaya mharigaya@campingfellowship.org Japan
Member at large Alexey Andreev aandreev@campingfellowship.org Russia
Member at large Ana Margret Tomasdottir atomasdottir@campingfellowship.org Iceland

Members Emeritus
1. Armand Ball USA
2. Dick Chamberlain USA
3. Jack Pearse Canada
4. Sashiko Tanaka Japan
5. Jenny Bowker Australia

We are building a better butterfly…

Please consider how you would like to be a part of the leadership of our dynamic and vital organization. There are things to be done in your country and for your country, and there are things that will help everyone in all countries.

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