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Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Prof. Other
Ambassador/Outreach (Appointed Position)
  • Outreach to Ambassadors in Each Country
  • Outreach to Association Presidents & Executives
  • Outreach to Regions (Asia Oceania, Europe, etc.)
  • Outreach to External Camping Associations
Communication (Appointed Position)
  • ICF Website
  • Electronic Newsletter, Blog
  • Social Media
  • ICF Connect Media
Congress Oversight (Appointed Position)
  • Congress Development
  • Future Congress Bids
  • Congress Committee
  • Regional Congress Oversight
ICDC Oversight (Appointed Position)
  • Liaise with ICDC Coordinator
  • Adjust and Develop ICDC Curriculum
  • Promote ICDC Development
  • Tasks and Short Term Projects
Membership (Appointed Position)
  • Members Services
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Development
  • Tasks and Short Term Projects
  • ICF Connect
Business Development (Appointed Position)
  • Tasks and Short Term Projects
  • Other Projects as they arise
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • ICF Marketing and Media Packages
Program Services (Appointed Position)
  • Research Committee Support
  • Awards
  • ICF workshops
  • Tasks and Short Term Projects
  • Ambassador
  • Meeting of Association Presidents and Executives
  • ICF Connect
Other suggestions of ICF Activity you might consider
I agree to meet the obligations as outlined for the position/s indicated above : Yes No
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