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Camp Robin Hood - A Legendary Camp
Like Marat Alyushev in Samara, Taras Kononets, and his wife Svetlana Slobozhanina, are working to make a difference in Russia and in camping. Having founded Camp Industry (a collection of distinct programs: Camp Robin Hood, Karolina Camp and Motor Camp developed over the past decade), they could have stopped there, to focus on their own site development, marketing and staff training. Instead (and in addition), they are active in camping policy development with the Russian Federation and they have founded the International Camp Counselors Course.
This year’s ICCC (the sixth year that it has operated was held at the Robin Hood/Motorcamp/Karolina camp site south of Moscow and welcomed camp directors and staff from camps in several other regions from Russia as well as a team of business students from a nearby university. The leadership each year has come from a wide range of international camp communities. Presenters from camps in Turkey, Germany, Canada, USA and South Africa have been invited over the years. They have brought fresh ideas to keep the growth of Russian camps equally fresh. Each presenter has also been overwhelmed by the quality, energy and commitment of the young people in attendance.
No director works alone and Taras has gathered around him an exceptional team of young camp directors and camp professionals - providing them with both opportunity and inspiration to make a difference in the world. 
This year's three day workshop included both keynote presentations and breakout sessions. Harry Cunningham from England with camping background in USA, Croatia and South Africa and John Jorgenson from ICF joined the great leadership team from Camp Industry. 

Camping Fellowship
May, 27, 2015