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June 10, 2020
English Camp Community Service Program

Dear Fellow Teacher or Camp Counselor,
about us
English Camp is an English language immersion site for adults and a language camp for kids and teens. We are a private organization founded in 1988 by a couple that believed learning from each other is the key for World Peace and understanding. In the light of that English Camp became a member international associations such as ACA - American Camping Association and also a member of ICF - International Camping Fellowship.
It has been more than twenty years of successful learning and exchange of experiences with other countries.
In 2003 English Camp launched its own initiative towards community consciousness and service. We started to produce and plant trees with our campers and to apply day camps in English for the children of our community.
Now we wish to offer them more. This is how the idea of the program Fun in English came about.
about the children
They are the children of the rural workers where the camp facilities are located. Between 6 and 12 years old they are healthy and full of energy however, far from having access to good educational activities. Most of their parents have never had the opportunity to finish school. Therefore, this children end up in a cyclical situation of dropping off from school and going to work on the fields. We want to give them other choices. We want them to believe the can do better.
about the program
Fun in English it supposed to offer options of educational activities in spoken English that are fun and engaging.
The program will be held summer camp style, distributing the many activities throughout the day.
• Who it’s for: teachers/counselors any nationality and of any subject, above 21, fluent in spoken English;
• Subjects we are looking for: dance, arts in general, martial arts, music, English language, sports, etc - as long as it is doable with kids that do not speak English. The subjects need to be as hands on  and dynamic as possible;
• Type of work: Volunteer full time ;
• Short proposal describing the activity you would like to apply to the children including material;
• Room & Board: at English Camp facilities in female and male dorms at a walking distance from the village;
• Transportation: English Camp will provide transfer to/from the International Airport of Sao Paulo city;
• When and for how long: 2 weeks in July 2009 ( 13th to 17th - weekend break - 20th to 24th);
• Your costs: air tickets, international insurance coverage and personal expenses;
• Academic support and orientation: by Sandra Urioste MD - Arts of Teaching English as a Second Language;
• Certificate of Volunteer teaching;
• Local support: Itapetininga City Hall - Secretariat of Education.
Please send your resume w/ photo and short proposal for one week work with the kids.


April 15, 2020
Volunteer Jobs in Brazil
Click here to view PDF File

March 10, 2020
I´m Silvia from the English Camp, I wish you a wonderful 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
The English Camp is a language immersion  camp in Brazil  where campers go to improve their english speaking skills, through a lot of FUN!!!!! The camp provides kids and teens from allover Brazil the opportunity to practice English through a variety of FUN activities, helping them to realize how cool and fun speaking English is. Our campers are from 5 to 17 years old.
The camp is located in the beautiful countryside of São Paulo, Brazil, in an area where NATURE RULES.
English Camp is an ICF & ACA member.
Our winter sessions are in July and we want them TO ROCK BIG TIME!! 
Therefore, we would love to have international folks with us, so our kids&teens have an awesome time not only speaking english with international friends but also enriching their camp experiencie through culture exchange.
Check below the two programs we have, the VCC (Volunteer Camp Counselor) for camp-counselors over 17 years old  and IGC (International Guest Camper) for campers from 12 to 17 years old.
We have been doing these programs for sometime now and we know that everyone involved in a camp like that has an amazing and an unforgetable experience.
The English Camp July 2009 sessions are:
• 1 session = 04-08 (5 days)
• 2 session = 08-14 (7 days)
• 3 session = 14-20 (7 days)
• 4 session = 20-26 (7 days)
• 5 session = 26-30 (5 days)
If you are interested and available please let me know so I can send you all the information.
Have a great year!
Silvia - 55 11 3062-6333
Tel: 55 11 3062.6333/3061.0080
skype: atendimento.sis-englishcamp2  
nextel: 55*40806*4
English Camp: Bringing people together for over 20 years, in English, of course...

English Camp, Brasil
IGC - International Guest Camper - July 2008 

The English Camp site is located in the beautiful countryside of São Paulo state, southeast of Brasil.
During the Brazilian winter holidays of July the English Camp receives young Brazilians from 5 to 17 years old for fun in English. Your staying with us will contribute for their better use of the language and the understanding of your culture. Throughout projects, sports and group activities our campers are exposed to the practice of English and lots of fun.By sharing yourself with us and allowing us to know you better we are all forging strong bonds, walking towards international understanding and the making of a better world.
“Let’s put muscle in the mission”! Stay with us for 4 weeks as our guest camper. Bring us new learning, make new friends, have lots of fun and bring back home a bit of Brasil with you.
Get in touch with us adding your key person name - person or organization that appointed you - by sending an e-mail to , tell us why you would like to come and a little bit about yourself.
We have 20 places for international guest campers! Hurry up and get back to us A.S.A.P.!
The English Camp offers you: 
• Transportation in/out São Paulo city/English Camp/São Paulo city
• Airport arrival and departure transfer
• 4 weeks of room and board
• 4 weeks of camp experience
• Certificate of participation
• Laundry service every 7 days (wash/dry)
• 1 English Camp T-Shirt and Hat
Pre requisites for the IGC - International Guest Camper:
• Female or male between 12 and 17 years old
• International insurance coverage
• Non-native Brazilian
• English Camp Camp Director approval of your application package
• Key person written recommendation
Please check us out!  click on the link international guest on top of the main page. Feel free to email us with any questions you and your parents may have.We have procedures to follow if you want to be with us. Please get back to us as soon as you can so that we may send you the application package. We have only 20 places for IGCs!

English Camp, Brasil
IVC - International Volunteer Counselor- July 2008
click here for more information

We are waiting for YOU!

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