ICF Facts 

  • Australia
    -There are over 400 camps -240 of these in Victoria.
    -a study group of 8 camping professionals from 3 different states
    undertook  a two-week study tour in the United States in October, 2005
    -International Camp Director Course took place in September, 2009 with 21 participants
    from 3 states
    -The Great Aussie Camp Out (GACO) was initiated by Australian Camps Association
    to bring together thousands of Australians foe one big night where they can share the
    experience of camping out under the stars...
  • Japan and Asia
    -in 1920 organized camps came from the US through YMCA, people
    copied Western ways to sing songs in English and play Western games
    -school camping is getting very active
    -Asia Oceania Camping Fellowship was founded in 2004 with members from Mongolia,
    Malaysia, Thailand, China and Japan
    -more than 500 people get together annually at the National Camping Association
    of Japan's Conference
    -Mongolian Camp Association was formed to support camp directors and to foster
    international exchange and educational programs
  • USA
    -more than 11 million children and adults benefit from a camp experience at
    approximately 12,000 camps
    in 2004 the American Camp Association launched CAMP- A Resource for Families
    Magazine and www.campparents.org website
    -ACA conducted a four-year research study on camper outcomes, the largest
    study of camp experience ever conducted in the United States
    a detailed report is available at www.acacamps.org/research/research_book.pdf
    -ACA has adopted a "20/20 Vision": 20,000 camps and 20,000,000 campers by 2020
    -ACA has produced a video promotion called- "Because of Camp"
  • South America
    -Associacion Venezolana de Campamenta was established in 1989
    -In 2005 AVC published the first book of Venezuelan camps and
    camping leadership, which became a vital tool for all the camps in Venezuela
    International Camp Director Course was held in Colombia in 2009
  • Europe
    -camps in Central and Western Europe are old in traditions, relatively small in
    number with specific programs (linguistic, cultural, athletic, etc)
    -in Eastern Europe summer camps are still mainly under state protection
    -Greek camps accommodated more than 100,000 children in 2010
    -Turkish Camp Association was established in 2009
    -Russia and CIS had more than 50,000 camps operate in 2010 with the biggest numbers
    situated in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Tyumen, Novosibirsk and Kostroma regions
  • Canada
    - the Canadian Camping Association is comprised of eight provincial camping
    associations which include a total of about 800 camps
    -2008 Congress was hosted by the Association des Camps du Quebec
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