New Membership Structure 

At the November, 2012, meeting of the ICF Board, a plan was endorsed with the intent “to restructure our membership base/categories and to increase our services to current and prospective members.  There is a strong desire to equally reach camping leaders and work directly with national/regional organizations to build networks.

  • Affiliate Membership - available to any individual, at no cost.

    Benefits - Electronic communications, including newsletter, from ICF, 6-8 times per year.  Note:  Affiliate members do not have voting privileges, privilege of running for office or reduced fees for Congresses.
    Membership continues indefinitely provided contact information remains current; individual may opt-out at any time.

  • Camp, Association, or Organization Membership - (Full Membership) available to any camp, association, or organization that pays the 3-year membership fee of $180 US/Canadian.  The membership will be held in the name of a designated voting member.

    -Link for the member organization on the ICF website
    -Affiliate memberships available for any staff or volunteers
    -Reduced fee for International Camping Congresses for one designated member
    -Membership certificate
    -Voting privilege for designated member
    -Eligibility to run for ICF office (designated member)
    -Use of the  ICF logo
    -Electronic communications, including newsletter, from ICF, 6-8 times per year.

    Membership is renewable at the end of the 3-year membership period; if the membership is not renewed, the designated (voting) member is converted to an affiliated (non-voting) member.
  • Individual Membership - (Full Membership) is available to any individual who pays the 3-year membership fee of $75 US/Canadian

    -Electronic communications, including newsletter, from ICF, 6-8 times per year. 
    -Reduced fee for International Camping Congresses
    -Membership certificate
    -Voting privilege
    -Eligibility to run for ICF office
If you have questions about ICF membership or would like information about alternative methods of payment, please contact  

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Step 2:  Complete payment through Pay Pal - not necessary for Affiliate Membership

By clicking Buy Now button you will be redirected to secure Pay Pal online payment system for payment by Visa or MasterCard in Canadian Funds for Full Memberships.
If you are unable to submit a Pay Pal payment, please contact for instructions on payment by bank transfer or Western Union.
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