25th Anniversary of the International Camping Fellowship
The International Children’s Centre “Nairamdal”, in collaboration with the
Asia-Oceania Camping Fellowship and the International Camping Fellowship i
s pleased to announce an International Training Workshop:
“A World of Leadership Into Tomorrow”
6-11 May, 2012
International Children’s Centre Nairamdal
Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia
International Children's Centre "Nairamdal"
            Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Summer camp session's schedule:
 2-8   June 2012
8-15 June 2012
16-23 June 2012
1-11  July  2012
14-24 July 2012
25 July-1 August 2012
2-12 August 2012
13-23 August 2012
19-24 September 2012

 International Summer Camp Sessions
“Traditions and Customs of Nations”
 1-11 July    2012
14-24 July   2012
2-12 August 2012
Detailed information is available on website:

  English Camp in Brazil

English Camp is a site located in the beautiful countryside of São Paulo state, southeast of Brazil. During the Brazilian
winter holidays of July English Camp receives young Brazilians from 5 to 16 years old for fun in English.
Your staying with us will contribute for their better use of the language and the understanding of your culture.
Throughout projects, sports and group activities our campers are exposed to the practice of English and lots of fun.
Click here for more information


The NEXT International Camping Congress (ICC) is being held in Turkey in 2014!  
Be sure to bookmark the ICC 2014 website
There is already some TERRIFIC information about this exciting event posted on the ICC 2014 website.
Pre- and Post-Congress events are expected to include opportunities to tour the rich cultural heritage of
Turkey as well as participate in specialized and specific training and
business opportunities that are unique to International Camping Congresses.
The Congress itself takes place at a beautiful resort located on the magical shores
of the Mediterranean Sea. Start planning now for a Congress like every other AND like no other!

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