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Do you work at camp? Are you in need of more programming ideas? Do you have any international activities at your camp? This page is designed to help you learn how you can internationalize your camp and also share your experiences with camping professionals around the Globe

NEW AND UPDATED INFORMATION!!! submitted by Linda Grier Pulliam and presented at ACA National Conference in Orlando, Florida, February, 2009

including links to other websites and some great food recipes
For permission to print and distribute multiple copies please contact Linda at lgpulliam@touchnc.net

Also, check the information below to enhance your camp programs


Learn the origins of your favorite camp songs
or learn some new ones:
"Vive L'Amour"
"Let There Be Peace on Earth"
"When I First Came to This Land"
"It's a Small World"
"We've Got the Whole World"
"May There Always Be Sunshine"

You can order two great CDs of International songs
from www.noelint.com
"Wide Mouth Frog"
"Birds on the Run"


You can find a lot of game ideas at www.scoutinglinks.com
Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, maybe because
it can be played almost anywhere with very little equipment.
All you need is a ball and some space. And only the goalkeeper
can use his or her hands.
Big Snake, a game from Ghana, Africa. One child, the snake, tries to tag others. The tagged children join hands with the snake and try to tag others. The leader and the tail are the only ones who may tag free players. If the snake's body breaks, the snake must start again. The game ends when everyone has been tagged.
Exchange, a game from France has 10 or more players. The players, numbered from one to the highest number playing, are seated in chairs in a circle around a center blindfolded player. The blindfolded player calls two numbers. The persons whose numbers are called must exchange places while the blindfolded person tries to catch one or secure either of their chairs. The player caught must exchange places with the center player. No player can go outside the circle.
International Scavenger Hunt-teams are given 20 minutes to bring back or record as many international influences as possible (clothing, fruits, staff, English words with foreign origins)
More website links for International Games for Children
"Children's Games from Around the World" by Glenn Kirchner is available at http://www.yahoo.com/ and also http://www.amazon.com/


Host a Camp Olympics with a parade of nations
Celebrate a national holiday during your camp session
1. July 14-Bastile Day (France)
2. June 24-Midsummer Festival (Sweden)
3. July 1-Canada Day
4. End of June- Shakir Bairan (Turkish Candy Festival)
5. July 7-Ivan Kupala Day (Russia)
6. July 26-Aug 31-Salzburg Festival (Austria)
7. Early August-Rakish Bandhan (India)
8. First Week of August-Eisteddford (Wales)
Provide a scholarship for one or two recent immigrant children and feature their country during the camp session
Have campers come to camp prepared with information about their own heritage
Invite international guests from your community to share a meal with your campers
Learn about the Say Hello Project and teach campers to say hello in several of the 2,796 languages of the world, for more information go to www.ipl.org/youth/hello


Make Origami, for more information, go to
www.paperfolding.com, www.oriland.com
Carve Soapstones (Canada) www.trussel.com/f_art.htm 
Guatemalan Worry Dolls www.mayantraditions.com
Ukrainian Easter Eggs  www.meddybemps.com/easter/index.html
Chinese Calligraphy www.asiawind.com/art/callig/Default.htm


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