ICF Congresses 

Under the ICF banner camp professionals get a wonderful opportunity to gather and share knowledge about camp movements in their home countries, to experience wonderful outdoors and culture of different host countries and to work towards developing future for camp industry throughout the world.
The ICF congress takes place once every three years, its programs include great speakers, workshops, sessions as well as visiting camps, places of interests. We encourage everyone participate in this wonderful event!
Past ICF Congresses

1st ICF Congress Toronto
Canada, February 1983
2d ICF Congress Washington, USA
February 1987
3d ICF Congress Toronto, Canada
March 1994
4th ICF Congress St Petersburg, Russia
September 1997
5th ICF Congress Tokyo, Japan
October 2000
6th ICF Congress Melbourne, Australia
January 2003

7th ICF Congress Mexico City, Mexico
October 2005

8th ICF Congress Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
October 2008
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