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The International Camping Fellowship is a worldwide assembly of camping professionals interested in sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to the camping experience. It was founded in 1987 amidst the energy of individuals gathered around the dream of a better world through camping and it is rooted in the belief that we can make a difference by "bringing together the world of outdoor experience." 
 The International Camping Fellowship welcomes all who foster international understanding through the organized camp experience.

The Objectives of the ICF
To coordinate the exchange of news and information between individuals, camps, outdoors experiences and organizations in different countries.
To encourage and facilitate bilateral and multilateral exchanges.
To stimulate efforts to achieve international understanding and global living, leadership, and ecological action through organized camping and outdoor experience.
To encourage the organization of regional and national camping associations.
The 10th International Camping Congress (ICC) is being held in Turkey in 2014!   Be sure to bookmark the ICC 2014 website.  There is already some TERRIFIC information about this exciting event posted on the ICC 2014 website. Click here to read more...
  International Camp Directors Course 

The International Camp Directors Course and ICDC Trainers Course taking place in Sydney October 14 - 17, prior to the Asia Oceania Camping Congress, has been well subscribed by participants from across the international camping community including Turkey, Singapore, Russia, China and Australia. If you are interested to attend, there are places still available and the closing date for registrations is 16th September 2013. For full information: http://aocc2013.org.au/program/pre-and-post-conference/icdc
  International Contest in Russia 

You are invited to take part in 5th International Competition of Leadership Skills “The leader’s heart of Siberia - 2013».
It will take place in November 1-4, 2013 on the grounds of children camp «K.Zaslonova» (Novosibirsk, Russia). The founder and the operator of competition is the center of children and youth rest «Magistr», which has been organizing children recreation for more than 20 years. Competition is aimed at promoting international experience in the sphere of children recreation and health improvement. Click here for more information
  Grief Camp Project Update  

  American Camp Association Educational Alliance 

Join the American Camp Association!   
The new Educational Alliance between the International Camping Fellowship and the American Camp Association (ACA) provides a free 1-year membership to individuals who have not previously been members.  Use this promotional code:  ICF-2013  The ACA-ICF Alliance enables international camps to be listed in the ACA search engine, Find-a-Camp. Although ACA cannot provide camp Accreditation outside the US, a new Camp membership is also available.
  ICF Membership News 

ICF has reached another milestone!  Membership has skyrocketed to over 2100 members from 54 countries.  The new Affiliate membership is complimentary (free) and helps us to expand our global camp community.  Camps and organizations may request that their interested members or staff be added by sending an email to our ICF Membership Chair, Linda Pulliam.  For a description of the expanded benefits for full, paid memberships, click here.  Full members are entitled to a discounted registration fee for the International Camping Congress in 2014.
ICF posts articles and information translated into different languages. Follow the links below to read pages translated into Russian and Japanese. We need articles and information related to outdoor camping in different countries. If you have any, please submit them in the language of your preference to webmaster@campingfellowship.org

Click here to read ICF news in Japanese

Click here to read ICF news in Russian

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Upcoming Events

Australia invites you to attend
The 5th Asia Oceania Camping Congress - Sydney, Australia
18th - 22nd October 2013 “Outdoors and more..” Click here to read more..

International Camp Director Course
October 14-17, prior to the Asia Oceania Camping Congress, there will be an International Camp Directors Course and an ICDC Trainers’ Course. The courses are open to participants from any country and will be coordinated by Connie Coutellier.  For full information: http://aocc2013.org.au/program/pre-and-post-conference/icdc 

Give your camp staff the gift of an ICF Affiliate Membership. As an appreciation gift to your camp staff, why not help them to connect with the international camping community?… Click here to read more...

ICF Logo
After a great degree of deliberation, the International Camping Fellowship has a new logo.  The universal ICF symbol (the butterfly) remains very much a part of the new logo and branding. From the Guidelines for Usage it is easy to see how it extends… Click here to read more...

Each member country of ICF (currently numbering 31 countries) now will be able to have a designated person to act as their ICF Ambassador. The Ambassador will be the official representative of the … Click here to read more...

ICF has moved from a Steering Committee model to a Board of Directors with a much stronger emphasis on a competency-based approach to getting things accomplished for entire camping community.   The ICF Board (2011-2014) is partially … Click here to read more...

Association Presidents and Executives (MAPE)
ICF will be coordinating ongoing communication and resource sharing between camping association Presidents and Executive staff from around the world.  ICF Board Member Jeff Bradshaw will be collecting this contact information early in 2012 and… Click here to read more...
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