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International Camp Director Course (Trainer) October 18 to 23, 2014 - Antalya, Turkey

The ICDC Trainer Course is designed to develop strong camping leaders who are able to deliver the ICF’s International Camp Director Course in specific countries and regions of the world. Trainers are prepared in both the core curriculum of the ICDC as well as the leadership/management skills necessary to plan and execute an ICDC course. Trainer candidates are selected and invited to participate based upon a combination of factors that include time spent in camping, overall body of camping experience, past participation in an ICDC and more…

ICDC Trainees receive their training at an International ICDC offered at an International Camping Congress but must arrive ahead of the regular ICDC in order to work with the faculty before the other course participants arrive.

Trainees are expected to participate in the course, both as participants as well as presenter/tutors who can demonstrate their expertise and training skills at various times during the program.


Maritim Pine Beach Resort in Belek, Antalya


Begins: October 18th 7:30 PM
Conclude: October 23rd 2:00 PM

ICC 2014 2014 International Camping Congress – October 23rd – Same location
Course Fee $1190 USD
Course Fee includes All materials, instruction, lodging & meals Oct.18-23 inclusive
Course Language English

ICDC Trainer Designations

An ‘ICDC Trainer’ has completed the ICDC Trainer Course. Upon completion of the course, the faculty identifies and designates each as Lead Trainer, Trainer, or Assistant Trainer.

Lead Trainers may take responsibility for organizing and coordinating ICF International Camp Director Courses.

Trainer Roles and Responsibilities
Certified Trainers wishing to organize or train within an ICDC do so under the supervision of the ICF ICDC International Coordinator.
ICDC International Coordinator approves the training team for all ICDCs.
All ICDCs utilize and deliver the current curriculum as described in the ICDC trainer guide (updated periodically)
Trainers may make minor adjustments in the content to address country differences subject to the approval of the ICDC International Coordinator.

Lead trainers may also work with an ICF Country Ambassador, camping association president or a local ICDC Course Country Coordinator/committee to host a course.

Goals and Outcome Objectives

Goal One - To present the basics of camp management in 17 core areas of the organized body of knowledge and adapt it to various cultures and situations

       Outcome Objective: Participants explore a basic knowledge of key concepts/terms, general operational practices, and the basic competencies in each of the 17 core areas.

       Outcome Objective: Participants share experiences and compare techniques for the management of their operations and programs.

Goal Two - To expand a participant's network of peers and to develop a community of professionals in a "camp-like" atmosphere

       Outcome Objective: Through informal discussions and participatory learning techniques, participants expand the number of people they know in the camp/conference/retreat center profession.

       Outcome Objective: Participants have opportunities to test ideas and receive feedback freely.

Goal Three - To provide an introduction to self-directed learning and the participant's role in their own professional development process

        Outcome Objective: Participants assess their knowledge in each of the core areas of the organized camp body of knowledge.

         Outcome Objective: Participants discuss how to continue to acquire information about the body of knowledge and consider self-directed learning opportunities that provide for continuing professional development.

The core areas of the organized camp body of knowledge are introduced with specific content areas covered in the core areas. The core areas are:

1. Leadership

10. Risk Management

2.Target Populations & Diversity

11. Health and Wellness

3. Mission/Purpose

12. Site and Facilities

4. Participant Development

13. Marketing

5. Program Design & Activities

14. Business and Finance

6. Participant Behavior

15. Food Service

7. Human Resources - Recruitment

16. Transportation

8. Human Resources - Orientation and Training

17. Evaluation

9. Human Resources - Supervision


Participants - The course is for camp administrators, camp directors, and seasoned administrative staff or for those considering a career in organized camping. Participants are expected to participate in the entire course to receive the certificate of completion.

Trainers recognize there is no one right way to run a camp or outdoor program. Each year directors teach their staff how they want things done. That is their choice. This course is for a variety of international operations and presents some best practices and options for how camp operations can be successfully run. Participants should be open minded and take advantage of opportunities to share other options.

An ICDC Trainers Course is offered in conjunction with the English ICDC for experienced camp professionals to learn the ICDC curriculum and team-teach with a ICDC faculty member as a required part of their training. See trainer announcement for more information.

ICDC Trainer Course 2014

Applicants may contact Connie Coutellier, ICF ICDC International Coordinator, with further questions and additional information about the logistics of the course in Turkey.


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Additional submissions
In making this submission, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Roles and Responsibilities of an ICDC Trainer.
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I understand that I will receive further instructions concerning payment when my application and references have been reviewed.