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314 delegates from 20 countries all over the world attended the ICC Hong Kong 2011!

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Our dear international friends and camping supporters,

I am so indebted to the support and attendance of the delegates who spared their precious time to the ICC Hong Kong 2011.  I am proud to be part of the Congress which not only proved to be a milestone for International Camping Fellowship and definitely an extremely important step forward for the camping history in Hong Kong.  I am proud to see the big success which couldn’t be possible without the united effort from supporters all over the world.

I have to thank the International Camping Fellowship for conferring Hong Kong to host such an important and gigantic event.  Thanks also should be extended to Asia Oceania Camping Fellowship for their trust and confidence to Hong Kong.  After all, Hong Kong not only received much hard work and busy schedule, not only accepted so much excellent friendship and appreciation, but to bring the camping people in Hong Kong together so closely and closely. 

We have also taken the opportunity to publicize the event to every corner of the service sector and government officials locally.  We also let people in Hong Kong to understand camping as an important gateway to quality life, for the benefit of personal leisure, relaxation and leisure, for the benefit of personal growth, training and learning, as well as for caring, loving and preserving our mother nature!

I am sure, based on the success of ICC Hong Kong 2011, the Camping Association of Hong Kong, China will grow stronger and stronger, the camping personnel in Hong Kong will be much more active to participate and to serve in the international camping arena.

Once again, my sincere and heartfelt thanks for the kind support to ICC Hong Kong 2011.  Let’s keep the momentum to work out the best possible quality camping service in the coming days!

Pui-wing LAI – Chairman - Camping Association of Hong Kong, China 

Dear ICC and AOCC participants, camp delegates, friends,

Thank you so much for joining the Congress. Your contribution and devotion to camping movement have been the greatest support to us.

I would like to express our gratitude to the Keynote Speakers, Presenters, ICC Steering Committee, AOCC Steering Committee, Camp Associations and Country leaders, for their valuable inputs to ensure success of the Congress.

Wish you all enjoyed the programs as well as your stay in Hong Kong. It is the pleasure of our congress staff and volunteers to make sure you had an enjoyable and memorable time.

The congress work will be completed soon, however, the camping movement will continue. Let us participate and support the coming 5th AOCC 2013 in Australia and 10th ICC 2014 in Turkey!

Let us keep on!

With heartfelt thanks and all the best wishes,

Anthony Po, On behalf of the Organizing Committee - International Camping Congress Hong Kong 2011